Top 20 slang words in Spoken English

Have you heard people speak this way around you ? Did it make you wonder what’s going on? Let me ask you, have you replied ‘cool’ instead of a ‘yes’ while texting? Be honest! We all have, don’t we? These are known as ‘Slang words’ in spoken English. 

What are Slang words? 

Going by the dictionary, ‘slang words’ are a very informal language that is usually spoken English rather than written, used especially by particular groups of people. However, if you observe closely it’s not just confined to a particular group. People around the world use it in their daily English conversations. It has indeed become an accepted norm for informal English conversations. 

How can slang words be useful to you?

It will

  • help you evoke emotions in your language. 
  • give a sense of belonging when they travel to English speaking countries. 
  • help you understand the local history better.
  • make the pace of your learning the English language faster. 
  • help you build genuine connections locally when you travel abroad. 
  • make you feel accepted faster. 
  • make you stand out in the crowd when you speak the English language.
  • help to improve your English fluency.  
  • help you express your thoughts better in spoken English. 
  • make the learning process fun in your spoken English classes. 
  • not make you feel awkward when people around you use it so often. 
  • help you understand the English T.V series, shows and movies better as they are full of slang! 
  • help you improve your daily English conversations better while speaking and while texting. 

Let’s take a glance at slang words for different contexts in English conversations to help you understand and use it better in your spoken English practice.

For everyday conversations: 

  • I feel you 

Meaning-  I understand you 

Example: I feel you, losing a loved one is not easy. 

  • My bad  

Meaning- My mistake 

Example: My bad! I should have reminded you. 

  • You bet       

Meaning- Certainly 

Example:  A: Will you come shopping next week?

                  B: You bet, I will! 

  •  No Biggie

Meaning- No problem 

Example: A: Thanks for dropping me. 

                  B: No biggie! 

For describing something: 

  •    Chill 

Meaning – Relaxed  

Example: A: We will be late for the movie! 

               B: Chill! We still have an hour to go.

  •    Lit 

Meaning- Very good 

Example: This party is lit! 

  •  Snack

Meaning:  attractive 

Example: I wish to look like a snack instead of eating snacks.

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