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    enguru is the smartest learning app in the world – it is adaptive and changes with every question you answer to make sure you are getting the most accurate content. It is a revolutionary personalized learning experience where the entire course is adapted to YOU!

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Why enguru


Revolutionary technology that adapts to YOU as you learn. Never be bored again as enguru teaches you only what you need to know. Its that smart!

28 Languages

Learn English in your native language. enguru supports 28 different languages.

Industry Specific

Learn English for your dream job! Learn vocabulary and improve your conversational skills to get the job you want.

Customized to YOU

Choose which skill you want to improve, how much time you want to spend everyday, which job you want to learn English for and more!

Comprehensive Learning

From Basic to Advanced conversational skills, enguru teaches you all the English you need to know to speak fluently.


Share badges and coins that you earn with friends and see how they're performing! Track your global ranking and see how you're doing!

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enguru for Business

enguru Corporate

Transform your workforce by using enguru to teach English and basic communication skills. enguru provides customizable solutions with data-driven results and feedback for companies.

Anytime, anywhere
Leverage mobile learning and teach your team English no matter where or when.

Online Dashboard
Access deep data and trends from our online dashboard, including individual and team-level performance, progress and more.

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